Experience the Indore’s Sarafa (Gold Market) night street food market, India’s only night street food market. 

Indore being Madhya Pradesh’s business capital, it might as well be called the food capital too. Indore Sarafa Bazaar is traditionally famous for its Gold & Silver jewellery, gems, etc., like any other city's jewellery market converts into a fully pedestrian one with people from Indore and tourists from other cities in equal numbers visiting it at night.


It is the only city that one can think of where they have a whole street famously called ‘Sarafa’ that serves the tastiest vegetarian snacks, chaat, and sweets right from 08:00 PM up to 02:00 AM (Time may vary depending upon season and government policy), The street food of Indore has its roots based in recipes from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra as Madhya Pradesh is surrounded by these four states.


It is completely safe to go there and recommend to every foodie to take a street food tour at least once in his/her life.


Makers of traditional Indian savories and sweets, and now the Western snacks also, line up their kiosks/carts outside each jewellery shop - their places remain fixed !! The association of this street-food market (yes, you read it right) only allows certified makers of very high-quality offerings, and only vegetarian !! There are some all-day permanent restaurants too, offering snacks and sweets, and also a restaurant serving full meals !!


This night street-food market in Indore offers a huge variety of Indore's gastronomic specialties such as  aaloo tikki, chhole-tikiya, dahi vada, bhutte ka kees, garaadu, samosa, kachori, paani - puri, dahi papdi, dahi chaat, sabudana ki khichdi (sago) , paav - bhaaji, Special paraanthaa (paratha), idli, dosa, sandwich, pizza, fried rice, noodles, vegetable munchurian, jalebi (and jalebaas), maalpuaa, rabdi, gulab jamun, shikanji (with rabdi & curd), kulfi, falooda, ice cream, fruit salad, gajak, etc., only to name a few !!


Parking is not available in the market, though there are spaces before entering the market from all four sides !! As this is in the old city, lanes are very narrow so we suggest you to park your vehicles before barriers outside the market and take a small walk to main market.

Bottled water and mineral water, in addition to aerated drinks (soft drinks) and coconut water, are available in plenty here !! As you all might be aware about the fact that Indore  has been declared the cleanest city in India in Swachh Survekshan 2018 we requests you to kindly keep the city litter-free and thus, throw disposable plates, bowls, spoons, and papers only in the bins there

Must taste these famous delicacies at Indore sarafa

Joshi ji ka dahiwada (started in 1977)

Saawariya ki sabudana khichdi (Sago)

Saawariya ka bhutte ka khees (Corn)

Vijay Chat House ki kachori and Khopra Patties 

Nagori ki Shikanji

Jaleba (Jalebi) in Pure Desi Ghee.


And a lot more mouth watering items to experience………………..